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 Welcome to our site!  At Precision Boxing Club We teach the best techniques from the past, the inovative styles of the present and USA Boxing Certified instructer  Robert Bakers Unique new techniques that will bring you into the future of boxing! Weather you are an amateur boxer looking to lock in your unique style, a curious sports enthusiast looking to try a new sport or if you just enjoy the sport of boxing for a fun healthy way to exercise, we have the class for you!   

  Precision boxing offers classes for both Adult and Youth boxers as well as for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced boxers.
  Personal training sessions can also be arranged.  

Students that pass Stage 3 intermediate may join our Amateur boxing team and be matched in competitive bouts. The boxing team members have daily access to Coaching assistance.


          Anthony Pyper
           boxing student

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Boxing techniques from the past, present, and future...